Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX

Students who complete this course will be able to create and maintain programs written to run in the z/OS UNIX environment and that use callable z/OS UNIX System Services as well as C functions. They will also be able to construct and use makefiles to support their applications.
Experience with z/OS UNIX concepts and commands, such as might be obtained by attending U510 "Introduction to z/OS UNIX" and U515, "Shell Scripting in z/OS UNIX". Knowledge of at least one of these programming languages, in the MVS, or z/OS environments: COBOL, C, PL/I, or LE-conforming Assembler is required for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers experienced with working in a z/OS environment who will be designing and coding applications that are to be run using z/OS UNIX.
  • Introduction
  • File Access in z/OS UNIX Applications
  • Interacting with the user at the OMVS terminal
  • Calling C functions from COBOL
  • Calling C functions from PL/I
  • Calling C functions from Assembler
  • Compiling / Assembling, and binding Under OMVS
  • Assembling - a new alternative
  • Compiling COBOL and binding executables
  • Compiling PL/I and binding executables
  • Binding: The ld command

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