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Students who complete this course will be able to create and maintain programs written to run in the z/OS UNIX environment and that use callable z/OS UNIX System Services as well as C functions. They will also be able to construct and use makefiles to support their applications.

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Before taking this course, fundamental knowledge of z/OS UNIX shell scripting such as might be obtained from attending course PT5643: "Shell scripting in z/OS UNIX", and familiarity with at least one of these programming languages: COBOL, PL/I, C, LE-compliant Assembler is required.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for programmers experienced with working in a z/OS environment who will be designing and coding applications that are to be run using z/OS UNIX.

Introduction to z/OS UNIX applications

  • File access in z/OS UNIX application
  • Using QSAM to process HFS files
  • Interacting with the user at the OMVS terminal
  • Basic printf() and scanf() functions
  • Calling C functions from COBOL programs
  • Calling C functions from PL/I programs
  • Calling C functions from Assembler programs
  • Compiling and binding C programs from the shell: c89
  • Assembling and binding Assembler programs from the shell: c89
  • Assembling using the as command
  • Compiling and binding COBOL programs from the shell: cob2
  • Compiling and binding PL/I programs from the shell: pli
  • Binding programs using the ld command
  • Callable z/OS UNIX services (BPX1...)
  • Callable LE services CEE3PR2, CEEENV, CEE3INF
  • Parms and environment variables under the shell
  • Make and makefiles

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