Developing Modern Application Architectures with OpenStack

This is a fast paced, technical overview of the OpenStack cloud landscape. The focus is not necessarily OpenStack, but rather how to build a modern web application that can serve millions of users via open source tools. This survey course is targeted towards mostly technical people who want to understand the emerging world of Cloud Computing Application Development. The class will be a mix of 70% lecture and 30% labs/demos. After introducing students to the building blocks of cloud computing (database options, queues, virtual servers, etc), we will walk through ideal use cases that use the different building blocks to achieve a holistic solution. The students will be given a 100 page slide deck which can be used as reference material after the course. The last third of the class focuses on NoSQL databases (especially Hadoop and Cassandra) and how to choose the correct one for your use case with some technical background on each. Students will also work on two hands-on labs exploring OpenStack using Python APIs.
There are no prerequisites for this course. No previous experience with cloud computing is assumed.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for sales engineers with a technical background, especially on the networking side, but not as comfortable with modern, scalable software development practices.
  • Intro to the Cloud
  • OpenStack Intro
  • Intro to Application Architectures
  • Databases
  • Putting it all together

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