Developing Rule and Event Based Solutions in WODM 7.5

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Developing Rule and Event Based Solutions in WODM 7.5

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This course is intended for developers who will be providing the technical and WODM infrastructure support for business rule and event solutions in the WODM platform. Thee course introduces the architecture, design principles and concepts used by the product, and the best practices related to the use of the product. The approach of this course is to provide an "under the hood" perspective of WODM so that the business and event rule projects can be implemented effectively and efficiently.

Students should be able to program in Java, use XML and be familiar with the Java EE architecture

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is developers responsible for building applications in the WODM platform.

  • Designing and configuring business rule project,
  • Design business object models(BOM) for rule definition
  • Design execution object models (XOM )for rule implementation.
  • Orchestrating ruleset execution and rule flows
  • Authoring rule artifacts and how the rule engine executes them.
  • Authoring decision tables and decision trees
  • Searching for and querying rules
  • Executing rules with Rule Execution Server
  • Auditing and monitoring ruleset execution
  • Deploying solutions.
  • Using Event Designer to build business event projects
  • Authoring the event artifacts that are required to implement a business event process
  • Deploying and testing business event applications and runtime engine tuning
  • Using a customized dashboard for monitoring business events.
  • Understanding the event runtime engine
  • Performing QA for error free business logic.
  • Enabling business users to manage rule artifacts and perform tests.
  • Building efficient and maintainable business rule client applications
  • Understanding the relationship between business rules and events
  • Detailed walk through of how business rules are implemented in the WODM environment.

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