Developing Your Web Strategy

Learn the successful and straightforward methodology that has helped hundreds of organizations utilize the Web to not just get results, but get the results that help fulfill their missions. Students get to work through a case study (two-day version only), gaining hands-on experience as they learn the principles of applying strategic techniques in marrying Web implementation to organizational objectives). Attend this seminar to learn a step-by-step system that will apply a strategic approach to planning your Web presence, whether crafting it for the first time or elevating existing sites to higher effectiveness.
Students should have some basic experience on the World Wide Web.
1-2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This seminar is targeted to all Project Officers, Project Managers, Brand Managers, Marketing Officers, Webmasters, Production Coordinators, Strategists, and Financial Controllers responsible for delivering on corporate, program, branch or departmental mandates.
  • Where strategy fits in the overall process
  • Benefits of a strategic approach
  • Build time into your schedule for strategy and convince others to allow for it
  • Develop a strategy document
  • Make sure your strategy document is complete
  • Identify goals, and turn them into measurable objectives
  • Integrate with other media
  • Gain buy-in and approval for your strategy
  • Assess the strategic environment
  • Assess the maturity level of your Web presence
  • Gain buy-in and approval for the strategy from stakeholders
  • Classify and quantify the limitations you must work within
  • Avoid common hurdles before you reach them

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