Development Using SQL

This course is designed for students who desire a deeper understanding of using SQL language in coding. Close attention is made to the application of coding practices, code quality and reuse in todays development workspace. Discussion around upcoming language changes like USQL, and the injection of artificial intelligence is also briefly covered to give the student a better understand of the development path surrounding SQL. Discussion around Low Code and No Code also take place to round the knowledge of updated tools which are used today.
To ensure success the students should have some programming experience and a rudimentary understanding of the Object Relation Model used in database design. This class does not focus on a particular programming language rather how to apply sound design and application of the most current SQL language and SDKs. A basic understanding of CRUD and basic SQL commands in preferred.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for SQL developers who desire a deeper under action of programming around SQL Server. During this language. The application of code reuse and quality are emphasized to drive repeatability and testable code bases in today’s applications. Deep dives are performed around subjects like memory utilization and consumption, testable code bases, APIs, and approaches using in current development environments.
  • Usage of IDEs for SQL Development
  • Understanding SQL Object Model
  • Design and Implementation of Stored Procedures
  • Index Usage and Customization for Development
  • Application of Mask and Constraints for Record Selection
  • Comparison of Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexing
  • Memory Consumption and Columnstore Indexing Design
  • Design Consideration Using SQL Views
  • Discussion and Application of the Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Code Reuse and SQL Function Design Principles
  • SQL Triggers and Execution of SQL Objects
  • Design and Mitigation of Memory Using Temporary Tables and the CLR
  • Utilization of Design Patterns for Spatial Data Containers
  • Application of Best Practices for Transactional Envelops
  • Concurrency Design and Consideration for Performance
  • Tuning SQL Server Procedures and Execution Plans
  • No-SQL Consideration and Applications

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