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A continuous delivery architect is a tool-agnostic individual engaged in the design, implementation, and management of DevOps deployment pipelines and toolchains that support Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and, potentially, Continuous Deployment. A continuous delivery architect is also involved in defining or integrating underpinning processes, metrics, APIs, and cultural considerations.

A DevOps Continuous Delivery Architect program prepares IT Professionals with the broad-based competencies required to architect and orchestrate effective and efficient automated deployment pipeline.

Before taking this course, students should have the following:

  • DevOps Foundation level certification
  • Successfully passing the 40 multiple choice questions, 90 minutes; Blooms Taxonomy levels 1, 2 and 3 exam leads to the DevOps Delivery Architect certificate. Passing mark is a minimum of 65% (26 out of 40)
  • Exam is available in English only with extra time for ESL
  • Successful exam candidates will be designated as “Continuous Delivery Architects” and will be issued a certificate and digital badge.
Although not mandatory, it is recommended you obtain at your own cost, the “DevOps Handbook” to increase your chances of success in achieving the CDA certification, as well as using the publication as a reference for your future DevOps projects. “The DevOps Handbook”: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security in Technology Organizations Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, John Willis ISBN-10: 1942788002 ISBN-13: 978-1942788003 IT Revolution Press; 1 edition (2016)

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for the following:

  • Enterprise architects
  • Software developers
  • Build engineers
  • Release managers and engineers
  • Operational and infrastructure teams
  • Security professionals
  • Testers and QA managers
  • IT Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Maintenance and support staff

  • Course Introduction
  • Continuous Delivery Concepts
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Designing for CD Practices
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Testing (CT)
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Continuous Monitoring (CM)
  • Infrastructure and Tools
  • Security Assurance
  • Summary

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