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GitHub boasts being the “largest and most advanced development platform in the world” ever evolving to meet the demands of its expansive developer community. The centerpiece of GitHub, as its name implies, is in the provisioning of Git remote repositories. However, providing the network storage of code has never been its full story. GitHub has always sought to empower development teams to deliver new and improved ways to support the entire software development process. In this training, we will focus on GitHub’s support of DevOps starting with the use of WebHooks to easily integrate with external systems then moving on to Actions for automation of the coding lifecycle. Explore the GitHub DevOps platform, examine its typical workflows, and experience GitHub tooling through practical demonstrations and exercises. Learn about DevOps solution architecture and how GitHub is supporting creative scripted processes, delivering effective time saving automation for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Foundational Git experience and knowledge are required including:

  • Working with the local repository
  • Pushing and pulling to and from the remote repository
Experienced using GitHub for Git projects is assumed. Comfortable working in bash (unix shell) is an asset.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for development and operations teams who are new to DevOps and the GitHub DevOps platform

  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Introduction to DevOps on GitHub
  • GitHub WebHooks
  • GitHub Actions
  • Deployment Environments
  • Introduction to Docker

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