DevOps using Puppet and Chef

This DevOps using Puppet and Chef Online Training course will help participants understand how DevOps can be implemented and adopted in their respective organization as a Software Development Method. The participants will also learn to use prominent Automation tools, mainly Puppet and Chef. Concepts like Puppet Language and Installation, Chef Development, Cookbook, Knife and Chef Analytics are covered in details along with Real-Time Project and POC.The course concludes with heavy emphasis on the Enterprise Implementation of DevOps with a few early adopting enterprise models.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
Introduction to DevOps::Introduction to DevOps Tools::Moving to DevOps::Introduction to Puppet::Puppet Installation::Understanding Puppet Language::Working with Types and Providers::Introducing Chef::Understanding Chef Development::Chef Workstations and Nodes::Introduction to Cookbook::Working with Knife::Chef Analytics

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