DevSecOps Essentials—Overview and Demonstration

This course is designed to teach participants foundational knowledge and application of testing and test tools across the Development, Operations, and Security (DevSecOps) testing lifecycle. Participants see a fully configured environment from which to learn to use various test tools used throughout DevSecOps. Tools include Eclipse, Git, Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, JMeter, NMAP, and more!
For this course, students should possess a general knowledge and understanding of software development lifecycle methodologies and categories of tools that support software development.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is targeted towards test analysts, test engineers, automation test engineers, test leads, and test managers.
  • Overview
  • Understanding the Software Lifecycle within DevSecOps
  • Software Management Concepts
  • Types of Testing
  • Pipeline Configuration
  • Managing Pipeline Information
  • Process Summary

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