DFSMShsm Implementation and Management

This course covers establishing the DFHSM environment, defining DFHSM parameters, DFHSM and DASD space management, DFHSM volume recovery and DFHSM cleanup. The latest DFHSM topics and their relation to DFSMS are covered. This course also presents specific techniques on DFHSM design, modeling and configuration to improve the overall DASD subsystem responsiveness.
The student must have thorough knowledge of DASD processes, DFSMShsm and related concepts, SAS programming language, and production or systems programming with at least one language.
3-4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for OS/390 systems programmers, OS/390 DASD storage manager, and DFSMShsm planning team.
DFHSM design, modeling & configuration::DFHSM control data sets::Small data set packing::Performance and utilization measurement::DFHSM tape use::Automation of manual monitoring and support functions

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