Diagnosing and Developing Your Communications Effectiveness

Everyone already communicates, so "communicating well" is a skill often overlooked and vaguely defined. The seminar first focuses on why communication is so challenging and then offers specific exercises and steps to be used to improve communications - both as a sender and as a receiver. Through multiple interactive exercises, attendees will evaluate the effectiveness of current communications activities in their work environment and their own effectiveness in speaking, listening, and presenting to others.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for employees at all levels within an organization. While not required, groups of employees who frequently work together may find it helpful to attend the course together.
  • Introduction
  • Why Communication Fails: the Sender-Receiver Model
  • Overcoming Communication Barriers One at a Time: Environmental, Cultural, and Individual Barriers
  • What Does Leadership Style Have To Do With Communication?
  • Uncovering and Responding to Hidden Agendas
  • Communicating as a Sender: Media Choice, Presentations and Speaking
  • Communicating as a Receiver: Listening and Asking Questions
  • What's Next: Tools, Tips and Tricks to Take Home

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