Dimensional Modeling for Data Warehouse Projects

This course provides participants with the skills necessary to analyze and design a successful data warehouse using multi-dimensional data modeling techniques and proven industry best practices. The design concepts for the course will include works by Bill Inmon, Stefano Rizzi, and Ralph Kimball's. Financial examples and workshops addressing the students' projects are included in the course. The course also discusses additional industry-wide best practices concerning Dimensional Modeling and Star Schemas. The instructor will include material from previous consulting engagements. The class can optionally use data modeling software such as CA Erwin.
Students should have at least some experience with any relational database management system.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for individuals who are technical staff, team leaders and project managers who need to understand how to design a data warehouse using multi-dimensional data modeling techniques.
Introduction::Dimensional Modeling Primer::Starting the Design::Fact table considerations::Dimension Considerations::Other Dimension Considerations::Accounting::Financial Services::Web Considerations::Other Data Warehouse Project Considerations::Workshops

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