Discover and Write REAL Business and Product Requirements

Business analysis involves understanding and articulating requirements, which always has been the weakest link in projects. For systems, up to 67 percent of maintenance and 40 percent of development is wasted rework and creep largely attributable to inadequately defined business requirements. Too often projects proceed based on something other than what the business really needs; and development methodologies commonly focus mainly on the format for representing requirements of the product to be created without adequately ascertaining the content it must provide. Format of course is important too; and of all the factors that can impact requirements, lack of clarity is the most apparent. Using the powerful Problem Pyramid™ and other techniques, this interactive workshop first gives participants practice discovering and documenting an actual case’s REAL business requirements content what a product must do to produce value for stakeholders. Next, participants examine factors affecting clarity and ways to overcome testability issues. Then participants practice defining and writing requirements of a product/system/software how to satisfy the REAL business requirements. Finally, the course describes methods for managing the requirements and the business analysis itself
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course has been designed for business analysts, systems and business managers, project leaders, programmer analysts, quality/testing professionals, auditors, and others responsible for assuring projects deliver needed value.
  • Business Analysis (Ba) Role and Importance
  • Discovering Real Business Requirements
  • Gathering and Analyzing Data
  • Formats/Models to Aid Understanding
  • Formats for Documenting/ Communicating
  • Defining Product/Software Requirements
  • Writing Use Cases and Specifications
  • Managing the Ba And Requirements

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