Distributed Programming in Java

The Distributed Programming in Java training course teaches students core distributed programming concepts found in Java and other technologies. Once the core distributed programming concepts are established, Distributed Programming in Java transitions into an in-depth examination of common Java-based distributed mechanisms. The examination begins by implementing an Remote Method Invocation (RMI) solution, then adds dynamic discovery through the use of Jini and Jini services. The Distributed Programming in Java training course concludes with an examination of peer-to-peer technologies and architectures using Jini and Juxtapose (JXTA).
ProTech's Advanced Core Java course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • What is distributed programming?
  • From CORBA to Mash-ups: the history, motivations, and evolution of distributed programming
  • Fundamentals of RMI: remote references, distributed garbage collection, rmiregistry, etc.
  • Dynamic Service Discovery and Lookup using Jini
  • Distributed workflow and caching with JavaSpaces
  • Packaging and deploying a Jini-based solution
  • Building Peer-to-Peer systems with JXTA
  • Integrating with non-Java based systems using WebServices

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