Dojo 1.9 Toolkit Development

This course provides a firm understanding of the Dojo JavaScript Library. It assumes strong prior knowledge of modern JavaScript principles. The course provides hands-on exposure to working with numerous widgets within the Dojo library. It explores the creation of custom widgets, the lifecycle of widgets, and best practice coding techniques for creating widgets under the Dojo 1.9 library. The course also examines the current dynamic loading mechanism, AMD, as well as the core features of the library. The course looks at how to utilize the powerful dojo/request features to implement Ajax or JSONP forms of asynchronous calls. It provides an opportunity to create with the numerous UI widgets and utilizes data stores to configure data for widgets such as the DataGrid and the newer modular addon, the DGrid. . It features a look at how to use many of the remaining APIs within Dojo including the inheritance mechanisms, drag-and-drop, animation and effects, and data type manipulation features such as strings, arrays, and dojo/router, using Observables, and much more.Note: This course is based on version 1.9.
Required: Strong OO Skills, HTML, and JavaScript Language Fundamentals (such as DOM and event handling concepts). Highly Recommended: CSS Fundamentals. Recommended: XML Principles
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
Primary audience: Front-End Developers, Server-side Engineers seeking to improve their Dojo skillsSecondary: Designers, middle-tier developers and others interested in learning the Dojo framework
  • Up and Running with Dojo
  • More with Core Dojo Features: Events and DOM
  • Introducing Dijit with Forms and Containers
  • Dojo and Ajax
  • More Dijit: Dojo Widgets
  • Customizing Widgets
  • Advanced Widgets and Widget Communication
  • Dojo and Architecture

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