Dojo Development

Training Summary
This three-day course introduces students to a large part of the Dojo library. There is a strong focus on the Dijit UI library as well, including general Dijit concepts, a tour of Dijit capabilities and two sections on how to build your own Dijit widgets. After completing this course, students should be able to understand and build front-end, web-based UIs via Dojo and Dijit.
Students should be comfortable with programming in general, preferably in a modern language like Java, C, or C#. Students should be comfortable with JavaScript, including JavaScript types, functions, objects, and syntax.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Engineers and programmers who will be building front-end user interfaces using the Dojo framework. Not intended for new programmers, and not intended for those new to JavaScript.
Course Topics
  • Intro to Dojo
  • Basic Dojo DOM and Events
  • Querying the DOM
  • Dojo and Events
  • The AMD Pattern and Dojo
  • Dojo and Classes
  • Dojo and Remote Data Access
  • Testing with QUnit
  • Storing data
  • Introduction to Dijit
  • Dijit Widgets
  • Creating widgets through subclassing
  • Creating your own widgets
  • Dojo's Grid dgrid
  • Final Project Details to be provided by Mathworks

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