Easytrieve Plus for Business Professionals

This is a hands-on course to instruct business professionals in the basics of using Easytrieve to produce concise, well-formatted reports with many automatic features of this mainframe tool. Editing procedures on the mainframe using TSO will be included in the course. Skeleton JCL and exercises will enable each person to begin using Easytrieve immediately when they return to their business areas.
Basic experience with the TSO/ISPF primary option menu and the ISPF editor is required. Prior JCL job submission/viewing experience is useful.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Analysts, Programmers, and Business Professionals with IBM mainframe access
Mainframe editing and job submission for Easytrieve Plus::Overview of Easytrieve Plus program sections, terms, and their syntax::Branch logic::Macro execution of file definitions::Good program structure::Wide variety of reporting options available::Multiple reports on 1 pass of a file::Control Breaks::Report Procs::Labels::Positional reports

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