EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)

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If you think that there is only one type of encryption - think again!Secure organizations employ multiple levels of encryption - database encryption, VoIP encryption, portable storage encryption, mobile devices encryption, Wi-Fi encryption, e-mail encryption, file encryption - server/desktop, network link encryption, web server encryption, tape backup encryption and many more. Some of the most recent attacks that have had serious consequences share one thing in common - they all had either none or little effective encryption. This resulted in thousands of users being affected and hundreds of millions in losses. It resulted in serious decline of brand value and public embarrassment.To name a few - SONY PS3, RSA, iPhone, LinkedIn

No prior knowledge of cryptography is assumed, and no mathematical skills beyond basic algebra are required.

3 Days/Lecture & Labs

Penetration TestersAnyone involved in selecting, implementing VPN's or digital certificatesComputer Forensics SpecialistsAnyone involved in information security operations

  • Introduction and History of Cryptography
  • Symmetric Cryptography & Hashes
  • Number Theory and Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Applications of Cryptography

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