Effective Automated Integration and Unit Testing

This course is all about the current state of the art in automated testing frameworks; it covers leading automated testing frameworks: JUnit, EasyMock, and FitNesse providing students with the foundations they need to start applying these frameworks on their projects. The course also covers the best practices for putting testing in action and ways to avoid the most common pitfalls when working with automated testing frameworks.
Students should have Java and JEE development experience.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for java developers who want to learn and apply effective automated integration and unit testing best practices to their projects.
  • Automated Testing
  • JUnit in Depth
  • EasyMock in Depth
  • Integration Testing
  • Fit and Fitness in Depth
  • Avoiding testing pitfalls
  • Alternative testing frameworks
  • Testing best practices
  • Integrating testing into the development process

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