Effective Expectations Management

In the final analysis, our claim to project delivery success depends largely on the degree to which we have met the expectations of our stakeholders. The importance of this topic is indicated by the inclusion of a new knowledge area in Release 5 of the PMBOK Guide, and its emphasis on management of stakeholder expectations. It has become clear that mastery of the identification, management, and satisfaction of stakeholder expectations is of primary importance if we are ever to have reliably successful projects. This course dives deep into the definition of what an expectation is, reveals how expectations operate in stakeholders, examines the impact of expectations that are not aligned with the project plan, and examines steps that the project manager can take to keep stakeholder expectations in alignment with the objectives of the project. You will be shown the use of tools that allow the discovery and management of expectations commonly encountered among stakeholders and team. This course includes 18 hands-on exercises and facilitated discussions. Course material is fully PMBOK and BABOK compliant.
This course assumes familiarity with basic project management concepts as well as some experience in the planning and execution of projects.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course will be of special value to project managers, managers of project managers, functional managers with project responsibility, and Project Management Office staff.
Definition of expectation
  • How expectations work in the stakeholder
  • Importance of Expectations Management
  • How to uncover hidden expectations
  • Confirming expectations
  • Management of expectations throughout the project life cycle
  • Importance of stakeholder alignment to plan
  • What to do when expectations do not match plan
  • What to do when expectations are not met
  • Expectations Management tools

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