Effective Java Programming

This course uses collaborative discussions and hands-on labs to examine Java development best-practices, Java design patterns, object-oriented design patterns, and other principles outlined in the Effective Java book. The Effective Java course also covers coding standards, documentation standards, and best practices in the Java Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Last but not least, Effective Java Programming examines common SCM tools and practices to ensure project success.
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5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Java programmers
  • What is effective Java and why is it needed?
  • Effective strategies for managing the object lifecycle
  • Ensuring consistency across objects through
  • toString, equals, hashCode, and clone
  • Designing systems for extensibility and maintenance
  • Creating data integrity within your system
  • General Java programming rules
  • Effective strategies for working with and managing exceptions and errors
  • Creating and enforcing coding standards
  • Working with source control systems like CVS and SVN
  • Automating builds with Ant or Maven
  • Performing unit testing with JUnit

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