Effective Knowledge Work – Advanced Level

This course expands the topics covered in the previous courses in this series to look at the issues of information management from an administrative or managerial perspective. In this course, students are introduced to the fundamental concepts of:
  • The processes and responsibilities of managing a source of information within an enterprise.
  • The development of procedures and processes for managing information within the framework of enterprise governance and stewardship.
  • Management of information shared with other units, customers or suppliers.
  • Balancing responsibilities for transparency and privacy.
  • Developing and supporting an information effective culture.
  • Students explore each of these areas by working through case studies and management scenarios they might encounter. Students diagnose the issue, develop solutions which are assessed by their peers and also compared with best practices and historical lessons of failed management.
  • This course can be customized to include client specific governance, management and stewardship policies, procedures and activities.
Students should have already taken the course "PT21883 Effective Knowledge Work - Intermediate Level" or its equivalent.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for anyone who needs to understand how to manage information at a departmental or enterprise level as part of their job responsibilities.
  • Establish frameworks for the handling and dissemination of information across the organization.
  • Implements organizational policies and procedures, setting standards for the application of information governance.
  • Ensure customer or organizational information held by third parties complies with the organization’s information governance standards.
  • Supports a culture of continuous improvement and a culture that encourages the identification of information quality issues and potential risks, propose, and to implement information management solutions.
  • Administer organizational access to data, with respect to privacy and compliance controls.

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