Effective Presentation Skills

There is more to a good presentation than visual aids and talking! Participants learn the importance of audience analysis, how to use engaging body and vocal techniques, and the best way to plan solid messages and visual support. Also covered are techniques for minimizing anxiety. Through videotaping, participants are able to get immediate audience and instructor feedback to gain a better understanding of their capabilities and areas for improvement.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This workshop is a must for anyone who speaks in front of groups--large or small.
  • Plan and organize presentations that are specific for the audience.
  • Add humor and analogies to presentations.
  • Develop clear and interesting visual support.
  • Use body language and vocal techniques to best communicate a message.
  • Speak with energy, enthusiasm, and in a conversational manner.
  • Handle question and answer sessions with poise and credibility.
  • Deal with and minimize anxiety.
  • Examine personal style through videotaped sessions.

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