Effective User Stories and Use Cases 2.0

Training Summary
This course starts with user stories as requirements and explores how developers and BAs can use the underlying discourse and narrative structures that form the basis of user stories to produce highly effective and testable requirements that then form the basis for highly effective application and systems designs. This class covers both the use of user stories and the new use case approaches from initially working with stakeholders in the requirements phase, through the transition of use stories and cases into testable requirements and designs that can be implemented. The class includes a number of the use case innovations like use case points for estimation and use case slices, as well as the best practices in user stories such as the use of quantified examples.
There are no firm prerequisites for the course however students should have a basic knowledge of software development methodologies like Agile and an understanding of basic quality and requirements concepts.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
The course is designed anyone who needs to work with use cases or user stories
Course Topics
  • Work with stakeholders to develop usable high quality user stories and use cases.
  • Analyze the quality of a user story or use case and be able to rectify any deficiencies through robustness analysis.
  • Integrate a user story or use case, along with other artifacts, into a domain based design model.
  • Use acceptance criteria and examples to develop testable user stories and use cases.
  • Create integrated and robust set of user requirements incorporating multiple user stories and use cases.
  • Integrate user story and use case slice development into an Agile development process.
  • Develop work estimates based on user story analysis.
  • Integrate user stories and use cases with other techniques to develop a comprehensive development model.
  • Use the various forms of use cases commonly in use and evaluate when to use which form.
  • Use the use case slice method to incorporate Agile methods into enterprise development.
  • Identify the best circumstances to employ user stories versus use cases – and what mix of the two is optimal for a given application.
  • Perform robustness analysis of use cases and user stories.
  • Migrate use cases and user stories into design and development artifacts.
  • Create test cases from use cases and user stories.
  • Perform software estimation using use case points.
  • Minimize the amount of work spent developing user stories or use cases that are of low value.
  • Integrate the user stories and use cases with other methodologies like domain driven design, lean development, Agile testing, acceptance test driven development and other.

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