Enterprise Application Integration - Review

Learning Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) involves theory and utilization. This course is designed as a follow up to a EAI theory course. The goal of this course is practical application of EAI theory. This course features an Instructor lead discussion of applying EAI theories in practice. The Instructor will bring an EAI problem and solution to class, and lead the class in a discussion of how the solution meats the EAI goals. This course also includes a pre-class assignment for the students to research an EAI problem, and present a proposed solution to the class for discussion.
A background in EAI
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed a student who has EAI training
  • Introduction
  • Review of EAI concepts and techniques
  • The Instructors EAI problem
  • The Instructors EAI solution
  • Class discussion
  • How EAI theories where applied to the solution
  • Using Service Composition
  • Using Service Flow
  • The Students problems
  • The Students proposed solutions
  • Best Practices for Documentation of EAI solutions
  • What to look for in an EAI environment
  • Summary

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