Enterprise Architect Fundamentals

This two-day course teaches participants how to effectively use the Enterprise Architect (EA) tool. The course begins with an introduction to the EA workspace and supporting repository, the basics of the repository structure, and the fundamentals of working with elements and diagrams. Additional topics include: an overview of an EA Project, use of the EA Project Browser, element traceability, and project reporting. The reporting component will introduce EA's RTF and HTML report generators. Repository management strategies will be introduced. The class will conclude with an overview of how EA can be customized. The course consists of lectures describing the various features and functions of the tool, hands-on work sessions designed to reinforce the material, and real-world examples illustrating EA's capabilities. Ample opportunity will be provided throughout the course for participants to use the tool within the context of a case study.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Entry level Business Analysts and their ManagersSelf taught Business AnalystsQuality Assurance ProfessionalsIT Project ManagersSystems Analysts interested in expanding their skills to include Business Analysis
  • Introduction to Enterprise Architec
  • Enterprise Architect Repository Basics
  • Enterprise Architect Documentation Options
  • Enterprise Architect Project Management
  • Enterprise Architect Product Customization
  • Enterprise Architect - Preparing for a Project

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