Enterprise COBOL Debugging & Maintenance

Experience working with COBOL; knowledge of JCL, a text editor, submitting jobs, and Hexadecimal arithmetic is required for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Language Environment - An Introduction
  • Introduction to Debugging and Dump Reading
  • Anatomy of a COBOL Compile Listing
  • Dump Reading — Introduction
  • How the COBOL compiler works
  • Subroutines and parameters
  • The Program Binder
  • Binder Processing
  • More About the Program Binder
  • LE Condition Handling
  • Dynamic CALL, CANCEL
  • COBOL Source Debugging Techniques
  • LE Debugging Services
  • LE: The Run-Time Environment
  • Guidelines for Debugging - recap
  • The Larger Context

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