Enterprise COBOL Debugging & Maintenance

Training Summary
The student learns how to use the Language Environment (LE) and COBOL facilities for debugging as well as how to effectively do maintenance on a module that has been debugged. The Program Binder is also discussed extensively.
Experience working with COBOL; knowledge of JCL, a text editor, submitting jobs, and Hexadecimal arithmetic is required for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for COBOL programmers who need to know how to code calling and called programs (subroutines) and who need to know how to debug these programs in the LE environment; programmers who need to know how to use the Program Binder for maintenance will also find this course beneficial.
Course Topics
  • Language Environment - An Introduction
  • Introduction to Debugging and Dump Reading
  • Anatomy of a COBOL Compile Listing
  • Dump Reading — Introduction
  • How the COBOL compiler works
  • Subroutines and parameters
  • The Program Binder
  • Binder Processing
  • More About the Program Binder
  • LE Condition Handling
  • Dynamic CALL, CANCEL
  • COBOL Source Debugging Techniques
  • LE Debugging Services
  • LE: The Run-Time Environment
  • Guidelines for Debugging - recap
  • The Larger Context

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