Enterprise Integration Patterns

Messaging Oriented Middleware is a critical part of modern enterprise systems. This course covers the critical Enterprise Integration Patterns and shows how they can be used to solve common enterprise integration problems. The course covers both the patterns and their implementation and includes a case study that has students apply the patterns they learn to an existing integration problem.
Students should have experience developing enterprise applications in Java or .NET or Mainframe.
2 1/2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for programmers & architects who need to learn how to solve enterprise integration problems using messaging systems.
  • Application integration Paradigms
  • Messaging End Point Patterns
  • Message Construction Patterns
  • Message Routing Patterns
  • Message Transformation Patterns
  • Messaging Channel Patterns
  • System Management Patterns
  • Message Brokers
  • Enterprise Message Bus
  • Integrated Case Study

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