Enterprise Web Services Development using WebLogic

This course will integrate a combination of instructor-led discussions and interactive workshops to demonstrate the capabilities of enterprise Web Service within ecommerce applications. This seminar will illustrate the building, testing and deployment of Web Services, explore their fundamental capabilities, utilization of SOAP and XML, role of WSDL (Web Services Descriptive Language), use of UDDI registries and the development of JavaBeans and EJBs as Web Services. All of the deployment will be within the WebLogic application server environment.
Each student should have a basic understanding of the internet and have been exposed to the Java programming language.
3-4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Java developers, web page designers and other professionals that will be developing Web Services using WebLogic.
  • Web Services Overview
  • Web Services Implementation
  • Introduction to SOAP
  • Illustrating Apache Axis
  • Web Services Development
  • Web Services Descriptive Language
  • Building Web Services Clients
  • J2EE Packaging and Deployment
  • Building Web Services Clients
  • Overview of UDDI Registries
  • WebLogic Application Server v6 Deployment

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