Essentials for IBM Cognos Analytics Training (B6070G)

This IBM Cognos training is intended for core project team members wanting to acquire a broad understanding of IBM Cognos Analytics platform implementation. During the ILT segments, participants will perform hands-on demonstrations and exercises that cover three essential topic areas: modeling, report authoring, and administration of IBM Cognos Analytics.
Before taking this course, you should have:
  • Knowledge of common industry-standard data structures and design.
  • Experience gathering requirements and analyzing data.
  • Knowledge of Web application server architectures
  • Security systems administration experience
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for project managers, technical analysts, and developers.
Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Identifying common data structures
  • Defining requirement
  • Creating a baseline project
  • Preparing reusable metadata
  • Modeling for predictable results: Identifying reporting Issues
  • Modeling for predictable results: Virtual star schemas
  • Modeling for predictable results: consolidate metadata
  • Creating calculations and filters
  • Implementing a time dimension
  • Specifying determinants
  • Creating the presentation view
  • Creating Analysis objects
  • Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics – Reporting
  • Creating list reports
  • Focusing reports using filters
  • Creating crosstab report
  • Present data graphically
  • Focusing Reports Using Prompts
  • Extend reports using calculations
  • Customizing reports with conditional formatting
  • Drill-through definitions
  • Introduction to IBM Cognos BI Administration
  • Identifying IBM Cognos architecture
  • Securing the IBM Cognos Analytics environment
  • Managing run activities
  • Managing content in IBM Cognos Administration

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