Essentials of Configuration Management with Rational ClearCase UCM

Training Summary
Learn to use Rational ClearCase in a UCM implementation. Learn to manage software development projects from a UCM perspective. Project managers learn to create and configure new projects and set development and release policies that are automatically enforced by ClearCase. Integrators learn to use ClearCase UCM to integrate, build and configure the developed products for release.
Students should complete:-SCM101: Principles of Software Configuration Management -(Web-based training)-SCM275 Essentials of Rational ClearCase UCM for Windows-(RS521) or-SCM276 Essentials of Rational ClearCase UCM for UNIX(-(RS531)-And have one year of experience working with Microsoft, Windows NT or UNIX.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for project managers, integrators, release engineers and administrators using Rational ClearCase UCM.
Course Topics
UCM concepts::Getting started::Planning a UCM project::Setting up a project::Managing project policies::Managing project baselines::Managing multiple projects::Performing UCM maintenance tasks::Building software

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