Essentials of IBM Rational Functional Tester

Training Summary
This is an entry level course designed to introduce IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) to both those who have used the tool in the past and those who have not had any exposure to the tool in the past. RFT is an automated functional testing and regression testing tool designed to support automated testing for functional, regression, GUI and data-driven testing. Interface testing is one of the most tedious and error prone forms of testing, as well as being quite labor intensive. RFT allows the automation of testing scenarios by being able to record test scripts and tests that can be rerun to allow identical executions of the same testing sequence of steps. The tool is highly customizable to allow for configuration over many variations of the testing process and test scripts. Especially useful in regression testing, the tool allows identical test scenarios to be run on the before and after versions of an interface or GUI, a critical aspect of maintaining quality control in a regression test environment. At least two thirds of the class consists of hands on walk-throughs, demonstrations and lab activities. The course starts with an overview of the sorts of problems that RFT is intended to address, and looks at the risks and costs of manually performing those tasks. This followed by a walk-through of the RFT interface and work-along demonstrations of the main RFT functionality which is then followed by hands on labs where students learn to master specific features of the tool. This cycle of walk through, follow along demo and then lab is repeated for all the other features of RFT.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Labs
Manual testers and New users of IBM Rational Functional Tester who need to test Java and Web applications. Designed primarily for testing professionals who will be using the automation tools..
Course Topics
  • Record and playback process
  • Creating resilient scripts with ScriptAssure technology
  • Test object maps
  • Object recognition
  • Recognition scores
  • Pattern-based recognition
  • IBM Rational Software Delivery Platform (perspectives, script debugging, and editing)
  • Performing user actions with a script (including verification points)
  • Extending scripts with script support features
  • Layout and structure of a script
  • Logs and logging options
  • Datapools and external data sources

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