Essentials of Rational ClearCase for Windows

Training Summary
Unified Change Management (UCM) is IBM Rational's "best practices" process for managing change in software assets from requirements through release and deployment. UCM defines a set of metadata objects - such as projects, streams, activities, policies and baselines - that help manage and organize the work tasks, builds, releases and project policies. These artifacts are defined and implemented across IBM Rational products such as RequisitePro, CearQuest and ClearCase to allow seamless integration of the aspects of the work flows that each product automates.This course focuses on the ClearCase implementation of the UCM process. Each of the specific UCM artifacts is examined in detail in terms of its functional role and how it is implemented by and relates to the standard ClearCase objects like VOBs, views and branches. Students learn how UCM works both from the developer perspective by working within an existing UCM project, and also from the configuration or project management perspective by creating and managing a UCM project. Higher level issues are also examined such as reusing UCM artifacts across projects and organizing the UCM structures to support multiple development models.
Students must have a working knowledge of software configuration concepts and be able to use Base ClearCase and understand VOBS, Views, config specs, branching and merging.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Project managers, integrators, release engineers and administrators using Rational ClearCase UCM.
Course Topics
  • Configuration Management Concepts
  • Review of Base ClearCase concepts: VOBS, Views and Branches
  • The UCM Project and PVOB
  • Defining and creating UCM rootless and rooted Components
  • Defining Baselines and composite Baselines
  • Project stream models
  • Defining the integration and development Streams
  • Joining a project, defining Activities
  • Working with private work areas
  • Rebasing and Delivering
  • Builds and Deliveries
  • Reusing Components and Baselines
  • Portfolio management with UCM

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