Executive Workshop: Agile Methods

What is your best option concerning the Agile Methods? You have some important decisions to make! Should you allow teams to use an Agile approach? Should you add an Agile method to your list of approved options for software projects? Should you adopt Agility as the way your software projects will be run? Regardless of why these questions may have been raised; no matter if you are the champion for Agility or a true skeptic; whatever your current level of knowledge or understanding about the Agile methods; this workshop will help you to quickly fill in the gaps and make an appropriate decision about how to respond. This workshop is normally one full day. But depending upon your individual need, it can be tailored back to a half-day, or up to two or three days.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 day/ Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for: The senior executive responsible for these decisions, affected direct reports to the Senior Executive and specialists in software development processes and quality assurance
Outline the current situation and purpose of the Workshop::Learn about Agility as needed::Discuss impacts of Agility on projects and the organization::Brainstorm options for going forward::(Optional) Plan an Agile response

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