Executive Workshop on Software Architecture

The term architecture is popular term in the software industry today and conjures up many different visions in the minds of managers. Often there are conflicting expectations of what architecture offers to a project, product, and organization. This course is designed for managers who want to understand the advantages, costs, and impacts of software architectures on their products and organizations.
Participants should include professionals who are managing software development projects, organizations and personnel.
1 or 2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Attendees should include senior managers who want an overview of the latest thinking, best practices, and available methods for designing architectures for software intensive systems. Those professionals might include:Senior managers: CTO, CIO, CEO program and project managers
  • Defining Architecture
  • The business case for architecture
  • Translating business goals into architectures
  • Role of architectural documentation
  • A Survey of industrial strength architectural methods
  • The impact of architectures on products and organizations

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