Executive's Guide to Project Portfolio Management

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Executive's Guide to Project Portfolio Management

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Are your projects delivering the business value you expect? If not, chances are that your Project Portfolio Management (PfM) process is not working well. PfM is the process behind project selection, funding, oversight, and evaluation. Is your Business Strategy stalled? It may be that your approach to PfM is less than optimal. Planning on installing Portfolio Management software? Don't do it until you have thoroughly examined the PfM business process it will support. Any attempt to use a software tool to drive process improvement will likely fall short of expectations.

Every project is an investment. We rely on PfM to provide guidance in managing our project investment portfolio. It is essential that we define PfM well so that only the highest value projects are funded and every project is given what it needs to succeed. This course explains the PfM process, level sets expectations and provides opportunity for the management team to develop many of the processes and governance structures they need for successful implementation of Business Strategy. Executive's Guide to Project Portfolio Management is field tested and highly effective.

This course does not require any special knowledge of project management concepts, although a basic understanding is helpful for some of the exercises.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for portfolio managers; anyone who uses projects to execute business strategy, anyone who is planning on implementing portfolio management software, CEO, CFO, CIO, other Senior Executives, PMO directors; functional managers and executives with project responsibility.

Introduction to Project Portfolio Management (PfM)

  • PfM Implementation Overview
  • PfM Process Overview •
  • Portfolio Definition
  • Project Identification and Categorization
  • Project Evaluation
  • Estimation
  • Project Selection
  • Project Prioritization and Authorization
  • Periodic Reviews and Reporting
  • Managing Portfolio Risk
  • PfM Change Management
  • Managing PfM Implementation as a Program
  • Organizational Adoption

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