F5 Networks Configuring BIG-IP ASM v13: Application Security Manager

The BIG-IP Application Security Manager course gives participants a functional understanding of how to deploy, tune, and operate BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) to protect their web applications from HTTP-based attacks. The course includes lecture, hands-on labs, and discussion about different ASM components for detecting and mitigating threats from multiple attack vectors such web scraping, Layer 7 Denial of Service, brute force, bots, code injection, and zero day exploits.
Administering BIG-IP; basic familiarity with HTTP, HTML and XML; basic web application and security concepts.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for security and network administrators who will be responsible for the installation, deployment, tuning, and day-to-day maintenance of the Application Security Manager.
  • Setting Up the BIG-IP System
  • Traffic Processing with BIG-IP
  • Web Application Concepts
  • Common Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • Security Policy Deployment
  • Policy Tuning and Violations
  • Attack Signatures
  • Positive Security Policy Building
  • Cookies and Other Headers
  • Reporting and Logging
  • User Roles and Policy Modification
  • Advanced Parameter Handling
  • Application-Ready Templates
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scanners
  • Login Enforcement & Session Tracking
  • Brute Force and Web Scraping Mitigation
  • Layered Policies
  • Layer 7 DoS mitigation
  • ASM and iRules
  • Content Profiles
  • Review and Final Labs
  • Additional Training and Certification

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