Facilitation Skills Workshop

Training Summary
Learn how to plan and effectively facilitate meetings of any size using proven facilitation techniques that will ensure your meeting objectives are achieved. This course also covers how to plan and facilitate JAD type sessions, data modeling sessions, Use Case development sessions, and general user requirements gathering and validation sessions. Limited course enrolment ensures plenty of opportunity to practice and interact with other course participants as well as allowing participants to focus on issues specific to their situation. Several case-study driven workshops and simulations provide participants with full hands-on facilitation practice, as well as the opportunity to learn and practice strategies to manage difficult participants, and facilitate meetings where you must take an active role in the meeting in addition to acting as the meeting facilitator. Participants also learn how to handle conflict between participants, and receive individual coaching and feedback throughout the course to maximize learning.
None – however some presentation / facilitation experience is beneficial.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Anyone who needs to effectively design and facilitate group sessions.
Course Topics
  • Role & responsibilities of facilitator – understand and know the important differences between the role of facilitator versus other roles e.g. business analyst, and discovering your preferred interaction style.
  • Co-Facilitating – covering stuations where there is more than one facilitator.
  • Required skills & behavioral criteria – essential skills and behaviors of an effective facilitator.
  • Preparation & planning to facilitate – how to prepare to facilitate a consultation, education or other meeting – separating task from process from people.
  • Facilitating without subject matter expertise – how to be effective as a facilitator without having subject matter expertise.
  • Preparing to facilitate – the tasks involved in preparing for a meeting
  • Group dynamics – strategies and tactics for working with groups of any size
  • Facilitator “toolkit” – group process techniques and tools

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