FEAF V2: Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification - Foundation

The United States Office of Management and Budget is formulating a comprehensive Government-wide Reform Plan which will create a lean, accountable, more efficient government. This year, agencies will be required to develop analytical frameworks that look at the alignment of agency activities with the mission and role of the agency and the performance of individual functions. This new mandate to streamline government processes is also a mandate to jumpstart, revitalize, or revisit existing Enterprise Architecture practices within government agencies.
There are no prerequisites for tihs course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for program managers, application and system providers, and enterprise architects.
  • Introduction
  • Portal Resources
  • About Us
  • Brainstorming current EA Challenges
  • Enterprise Architecture in Plain English
  • What is an Enterprise/
  • What is an Architecture?
  • Why do EA?
  • Evolution of Federal EA
  • Introduction to the Common Approach
  • Levels of Scope
  • Basic Elements of Federal EACurrent Strategy across multiple enterprises
  • Shared Services Strategy
  • Common Approach Overview
  • Brainstorm EA Priorities
  • CPM Step 1: Identify and Validate
  • CPM Step 2: Research and Leverage
  • Shared Services Strategy
  • CPM Step 3: Define and Plan
  • CPM Step 4: Invest and Execute
  • CPM Step 5: Perform and Measure
  • The 6 Reference Models
  • The Sub Architecture Domains
  • Strategy Sub Architecture Domain
  • Business Sub Architecture Domain
  • Data Sub Architecture Domain
  • Application Sub Architecture Domain
  • Infrastructure Sub Architecture Domain
  • Security Sub Architecture Domain
  • Enterprise Road Map
  • IT Asset Inventory
  • EA Next Steps
  • Discussion Board Reviews

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