FileNet Java API Programming for Process Manager

This course provides a review of the capabilities provided in the Process Java API and hands-on experience with basic development in this environment. Students will learn the basic BPM development environment, best practices, and complete labs containing basic BPM related development tasks.
-Basic operating system administration skills (how to check logs, troubleshoot errors etc)-Basic database scripting knowledge -Experience working with computers and Networks-Experience with Active Directory or LDAP applications-Familiarity with IBM FileNet P8 architecture-Experience in Java development
5 Days\Lecture & Lab
This is a technical course designed for experienced java developers with some level of experience or familiarity with FileNet P8. This course is also useful for technical designers or analysts wishing to understand the capabilities of BPM, though non-developers will struggle with the advanced nature of the lab materials.
  • Review of basic BPM tools and structures in P8
  • Review BPM related objects
  • Review the BPM API
  • BPM development best-practices
  • Development Labs

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