Financial Planning for Retirement

Will you be reaching retirement age over the next five to ten years? This comprehensive course features an expert in pension and financial issues who will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to help you develop an individual retirement plan to meet your goals.
There are no prerequisites for this class.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This class is ideal for anyone who is interested in having a meaningful retirement whether you are near the end of your current career or at the beginning.
  • Pension Information
  • About the Different Regimes CPP, OAS, QPP, PSSA
  • How to Apply
  • What Benefits Are Available Under Each Regime
  • How Benefits Are Calculated and the Impact of The Following
  • Tax Implications
  • Your Benefits Were Denied - How to Appeal a Decision
  • Looking Forward
  • Financial Planning
  • The Canadian Income Tax Act
  • Taking Advantage - How to Use the Income Tax Act to Your Advantage
  • Starting up a Small Business

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