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Foreman and Katello together are the extremely popular enterprise infrastructure management solution.

Foreman and Katello allow complete lifecycle management of Linux servers from a single management console. The main features include the ability to centrally provision new servers whether bare metal, private cloud/virtualization platforms, or in the public cloud. After the servers are provisioned, Foreman supports centralized configuration management of the servers using Puppet, Ansible, Salt or Chef. Foreman's Katello plugin allows for versioned content repositories to move through defined life cycles such as DEV, QA, and PROD as well as errata management.

This four-day course provides comprehensive hands on coverage all the of the major features starting from best practices in installation and initial configuration, managing subscriptions, products and repositories, content views, lifecycles, activation keys, system registration of existing system, bare metal and virtualization provisioning including discovery, provisioning templates, configuration management with puppet, IdM integration, smart proxies/capsule servers, virt-who, and subscription management.

Foreman and Katello are rather complex and students who take this class will feel comfortable deploying, configuring using best practices and managing it day to day.

An intermediate knowledge of the Linux operating system is required. The equivalent knowledge can be found in the "Linux Fundamentals" (PT6795) and "Enterprise Linux Systems Administration" (PT9992) courses.

4 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for those wanting to learn Foreman and Katello and understand the complete lifecycle management of Linux servers from a single management console.

Overview & Installation 1.What is Foreman/Katello?

  • Initial Configuration 1.Hammer
  • Registering Existing Hosts 1.Manual System Registration
  • Puppet Integration 1.Configuration Management
  • Identity Management Integration 1.External Authentication for Provisioned Hosts
  • Provisioning New Systems 1.Provisioning Systems With Foreman/Katello
  • Virtualization Integration Lab Tasks 1.KVM Node Prep
  • Deploying a Smart Proxy, aka Capsule Server Lab Tasks

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