Foundation in Project Management

Training Summary
Organizations use projects to answer business needs and fulfill strategy. Because projects are crucial to an organization’s growth and financial well-being, project failure can be a serious and damaging event. Nonetheless, project failure is an all too common occurrence with failure rates approaching 30% in some industries (Standish Group). This is simply unacceptable. We need a robust project management approach that will ensure successful delivery and provide the long-term project value that we need. Foundation in Project Management delivers practical, hands-on training in essential project management concepts and techniques that every project manager must know. The course provides participants with a comprehensive range of project management principles and techniques, extending PMBOK concepts with field-proven best practices that are effective in any project setting. This course confirms the importance of keeping focus on the realization of Business Value throughout the project. If you are new to project management, the exercises in this course will give you hands on experience with all of the primary techniques required to manage a project. Experienced project managers will obtain a vocabulary and framework that lends structure and perspective to the wealth of experience they already have. All participants take home a set of tools and techniques to help them deal with all aspects of project planning and execution. Take this course and learn how to avoid the problems that project managers most often encounter. The format is multimodal with a mixture of lecture, numerous exercises and simulations, and group discussions. Learning is reinforced by having participants truly get their hands on the tools. All participants return to their workplace better equipped to conclude their projects with a successful delivery. This course includes over 30 hands-on exercises and facilitated discussions. Course material is fully PMBOK and BABOK compliant. Participants earn 35 PDUs / Contact Hours in project management education.
This course assumes some prior experience with project management, either as project manager or team lead.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is of special value to project managers and team leads who want a solid, guiding PM methodology; experienced project managers who want to add to their toolkit of tools and techniques; functional managers with project responsibility who want a deeper understanding of project management principles; and Project Management Office staff.
Course Topics
Project Structure
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Planning
  • Execution and Control
  • Successful Conclusion

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