Foundation in Project Management: Waterfall – Agile - Hybrid

Training Summary
Foundation in Project Management delivers practical, hands-on training in essential agile and waterfall concepts and techniques that every project manager must know. The course provides participants with a comprehensive range of project management principles and techniques, extending PMBOK® concepts with field-proven best practices that are effective in any project setting. Course topics include how to:
  • Focus the entire project lifecycle on delivery of value
  • Determine when an agile, waterfall, or hybrid approach is best
  • Identify and collaborate with key stakeholders
  • Define scope and develop requirements
  • Waterfall: comprehensive schedule and budget
  • Agile: work within budget and time constraints
  • Respond effectively to project change
  • Minimize issues with proactive risk management
  • Manage the project team
  • Manage stakeholder engagement and expectations
  • Plan for acceptance of organizational change
  • Engineer a successful deployment
This course assumes some prior experience with project management as project manager or team lead.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is of special value to project managers and team leads who want a solid, guiding PM methodology; experienced project managers who want to add to their toolkit of tools and techniques; functional managers with project responsibility who want a deeper understanding of project management principles; and Project Management Office staff.
Course Topics
  • Sources of Project Success and Failure
  • Core Concepts in Project Management
  • Working with Stakeholders
  • Create a Strong Project Foundation
  • Effective Estimation
  • Managing Scope
  • Developing the Project Schedule
  • Delivering Quality to Optimize Value
  • Managing Project Risk to Protect Value
  • Project Budget
  • Organizational Adoption
  • Managing the Team
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Change Control
  • Project Transition
  • Project Close

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