Foundations Of Novell Networking: Netware 6.5

Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6.5 is designed for network administrators who will implement NetWare 6.5 and use its management tools.
Students should have skills, knowledge and/or experience in CompTIA's A+ Certification, CompTIA's Network+ Certification and Fundamentals of Networking.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Network Administrators with no experience or up to one year of entry-level network administration experience; students should be familiar with network hardware and have conceptual knowledge of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model, topologies and various protocols.
  • Introduction to NetWare 6.5
  • Install NetWare 6.5
  • Install and Manage the Novell Client
  • Manage eDirectory
  • Manage User Objects
  • Manage Storage Space
  • Create and Access NetWare Volumes
  • Design a Network File System
  • Implement Directory and File Rights
  • Manage eDirectory Rights
  • Manage Network Printing with NDPS
  • Implement End-User Productivity Tools
  • Identify Server Management Components
  • Securing Your Server and Network
  • Implementing Queue-Based Printing
  • Resolving Network Printing Problems

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