Fundamentals of the Secure Software Lifecycle

This course covers the best practices any software developer needs to avoid opening up their users, customers and organization to attack at the application layer. The course should be facilitator based with participation from the attendees. Each section will be summarized with appropriate case studies and/or class exercises to enhance topic/course learning outcomes. The maximum number of students for this course is 30. This class has a lecture only delivery.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture
This course is designed for students who have specific job requirements/tasking in the mainframe environment, COBOL, JCL and Web Services.
Secure Software Development
  • The Context for Secure Development
  • Security Requirements
  • Designing Secure Software
  • Writing Secure Code
  • Testing for Software Security
  • Releasing & Operating Secure Software
  • Making Software Development More Secure

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