Fundamentals of Unit Testing

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This is a hands on course intended to help programmers develop and improve their ability to write high quality unit tests and effectively use unit testing to produce better code during the development process.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is intended for programmers, QA staff and project managers or team leads.

  • Unit Testing, Developers and Test Driven Development
  • Software Testing Fundamentals.
  • Types and Levels of Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • TDD A unit test methodology for developers.
  • Writing Good Functional Unit Tests.
  • Writing Good Structural Unit Tests.
  • Integrating Unit Testing into Development
  • Refactoring.
  • Advanced Testing for the Developer.
  • Putting it All Together
  • Optional Topics

Students should have knowledge of at least one programming language and the ability to write programs in that language.

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