Fundamentals of Visual Modeling & Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with UML

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Fundamentals of Visual Modeling & Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with UML

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This course series begins introducing students to the basics of object- oriented development using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). Concepts such as abstraction, polymorphism, and encapsulation are presented, and students will learn how these concepts form the foundation of object-oriented software development.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

4 Days/Lecture & Lab

Client-server and web developers moving into object-oriented development, data modelers, and IT specialists

  • Fundamentals of Visual Modeling
  • Fundamentals of object-orientation
  • Principles of visual modeling
  • Fundamentals of UML
  • Object-Oriented Analysis & Design with UML
  • Modeling system behavior with use cases
  • Analysis and Design overview
  • Architectural Analysis
  • Use-Case Analysis
  • Identifying classes from use-case behavior
  • Using UML analysis stereotypes
  • Modeling the dynamic and static structure of a use-case realization
  • Preview of Design

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