Fuse ESB with CXF - based on ServiceMix

This course is for architects and developers who want to use Fuse ESB - based on Apache ServiceMix to build integration solutions using web and RESTful services, while leveraging the powerful OSGi-based ServiceMix kernel technology. The class uses the FuseSource distribution of ServiceMix and CXF, Fuse ESB and Fuse Mediation Router, for hands-on programming exercises.
A good working knowledge of Java, including a good understanding of Java developments tools (Maven, Eclipse)A basic understanding of distributed systems concepts (SOA, web services) and the related standards (SOAP, XML, WSDL, JMS)
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Architects and Developers.
Overview of Apache ServiceMix and Apache CXF::Installing, Building and Configuring::Introduction to the ServiceMix Kernel::Working with the Kernel::Overview of OSGi::Developing Artifacts for ServiceMix::Overview of the CXF Project::Core Web Services Technologies::Installing and Building CXF::Development Environment::Overview of JAX-WS Development::Client-side Programming Issues::Server-side Programming Issues::Code-first Service Development::CXF Configuration::CXF Logging::Support for MTOM (message attachments)::Servlet Deployment::Spring Deployment::Support for Javascript and E4X::Support for RESTful Services::Using Alternative Payloads and Transports with JAX-WS::Configuring HTTPS::Using the Credentials API

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